Disney World Crowd Calendar

Disney World Crowd Calendar: When its vacation, Disney Land will always pop up on the list. But when to visit? What is the right time/ how are the crowds, the reservations? And the question tag goes on. Here we are gonna approach all these questions simply and diplomatically. This article is going to deal with the month-wise list of the events and crowd response. This would help you in planning your vacation. But this is not a soul tool to plan for the vacation.

Disney World Crowd calendar 2022

Disney Land Crowd Analysis

Disney Land California is both a vacation spot for people abroad and a local hangout place for the people in the city. And this is the major drawback when it comes to analyzing crowds and planning a stress-free and a fulfilled vacation.

Disney World Crowd Calendar

Moreover, the sudden outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, this opening of the Disney Land has kept on postponing since March 2020. But we believe in coming out of it and getting back to normal. And to the point, this reason has also become a point of consideration when it came to analyzing crowds in Disney Land for the year 2021.

Being it truly unpredictable, where people are existing with both ideologies. Say the first one to be, one could opt for a peaceful and fun vacation after all these quarantine stuffs around. And in the same case, he may also be cautious in not spreading the virus back from the Disney land.

So this article is going to be self-related, where are readers, you could conclude your decision. And here we have dealt completely with the month wise major events, their specialty and their response from the guest’s side. Hope you use this guide before planning your dates for the visit. Also, do Check Disney hub

Events planned for each month ON Disney World Crowd Calendar

Here goes the month-wise analysis of the events and happening and the crowd response at Disney Land. Here we go for your referral.

  • During JANUARY

The January events at Disney California Adventure starts from the end of Christmas. The first event account then is Three Kings Day. During January and February the Disney land celebrates Lunar New Year, this event is the largest cultural fest with adds a lot of entertainment and wide open to different dining options. With the celebration of the love of Mickey and Minnie mouse from late January, the Valentine month starts. The entire park is decorated with all lovely decor and looks very romantic. the special Scavenger hunt the specialty of the event, the locals can also participate in this.

  • During FEBRUARY

As mentioned, the Lunar New year continues until February. Following that is the love of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the main attraction of the “Portrait” on the Main Streets. There is a special menu at each table during Valentine’s Day, these specialties are also availed for resorts, packages, etc. The Desserts at Disney Land show varieties and always mouth-watering.

  • During MARCH

With the break of Spring, the March months invites a new set of audiences and guests to Disney Land. And on the same phase, the end of the Renovation season, many attractions are closed for maintenance.

The talk of February is Disney Land Food and Wine Festival, the food booths are the specialties of the season where demonstrations, cooking and a lot of lifestyle presentation happens in the booths.

  • During APRIL

A lot of crowds are pulled in the daytime during April. The Food and Wine Festival continues to April in Disney Land. There are special ticketed shows with celebrity chefs. The Soarin ‘ Over California event has no fixed date and runs through the entire Food and Wine Festival.

For the Easter, Disney conducts Easter Egg Hunt, to participate, you got to buy a scavenger hunt packet from the Participation shops. With it, you got to find all the eggs, and then turn the packet at the store and get your prizes.

To celebrate the old vintage style of clothing, Disney celebrates Dapper day at the end of this month. This event host a lot of fun, artworks are the usual concept here.

  • During MAY

The Grad Nites at Disneyland is scheduled for May and usually falls on the date of 14, 15,19, 21,22,2,27. And that follows to few selected dates of June. The evenings are specially arranged for recent high school graduates. The Grads at the day are accessible to the Entire Adventure park.

On May 4th it’s scheduled for Star War Celebrations at Tomorrow Land. The audience witnesses Space mountain transforming to Hyperspace mountain, Captain Phasma, and her stormtroopers are all established.

  • During JUNE

The month of June starts with the continuation of the Grad Nites, the dates usually fall on 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 18 of June.

  • During JULY

The new Avengers campus was planned to be landed on 14th July 2020, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, the management announced it to be coming soon tag. The 4th of July is celebrated at its grandeur in the Disney land at a massive display of the Firework show. The day is more crowded. The tickets for the Halloween Party come to the sale during July.

  • During AUGUST

August month has nothing very specific, and it experiences an average crowd but by the end, it rises to the peek. And mostly this month is meant for buying tickets and mostly the Annual passport for Disney land is unblocked, which pulls many prior reservations. Then the D23 Expo at the Anaheim convention center pulls in a lot of crowd at the end of the month. With the inauguration of the Stars wars, the Star war Celebration was planned between the 27th – 30th of August. But now it’s postponed.

  • During SEPTEMBER

During the mid of September, Disney Halloween begins and it runs till October. Guests get a chance to dress up and fun around the parks. The next is Disneyland Oogie Boogie’s Bash that happens throughout the month. There are a lot of Halloween surprises for the guest during Halloween. A lot of meet and greet happens in these months. During the mid of September, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter starts with their Horror Nights. The virtual event happens to attract the kids’ crowd, this year it was CHOC Walk.

  • During OCTOBER

With the overlay and decorations, the Halloween mood continues both parks in October. Next, the Oogie and Boogie’s Bash event continues with the month and runs down entirely.

The first weekend of October, the most exciting fan-created event named the Gay days starts with few people around dressing in red to notify as the organizers of the event. The Disney Land offers food and rainbow merchandise in recognition of the event.

In October, the Utah state has holiday breaks, and usually, a huge crowd is drawn from the Anaheim convocation center, they were the ones who came to attend the large convention arranged by Utah Education Association. And the Universal Studios Hollywood continues with their Halloween Horror Nights till the first week of November.

  • During NOVEMBER

There is a Dapper Day event in early November. This is usually meant to be dressed as classics. There are a lot of discounts and offers available during this time at Disney Land. The grand Christmas Celebrations begin and run until January first week. The parks are crowded during the weekend of Thanksgiving. Which wide variety of food is offered throughout the resorts. The Christmas celebration by Universal Studios Hollywood with beautiful decoration, live entertainment, night spectacular which are amazing.

  • During DECEMBER

As mentioned the Christmas celebration runs throughout the month and continues till January first week. The Celebration of Universal Studios Hollywood continues in the full caliper with a lot of amusing spectaculars, parades, specials shows, and so on for Christmas. The crowd is very high compared to December.

During the first weekend of December, there happens a Candlelight Ceremony on the main street to retell the birth of Jesus. There would be hundreds of singers in the choir and a lot of celebrity narrators that evening. The two teams line up for the Football match in Rose Bowl, California arrives here before a week. And their bands are parade or played marching in front of the Town square.

The New year’s eve is bright and colorful and more importantly more crowded during these days. There are a lot of parades, shows, fireworks display and many more happen in and around the Disney Land which is crowd-pulling.

Super Exclusive 2021 @ Disney World Crowd Calendar

As per the schedule of 2020, there was a lot of new add-on in the rows of parks, displays, parade and it was on. But the sudden pandemic forced to close all of them with no accuracy on the reopening. But don’t worry folks, this is not gonna continue forever, we need a break and so the virus. So what is here at Disney Land after their reopening? Is the schedule for Disney World Crowd Calendar 2020 going to follow up? None of us can pretend it. Instead, we could expect the new arrivals as per the plan.

So what are they?

  • Star Wars Galaxy Edge – this added new land to the park which was added in 2019 Summer, then it was hard to analyze its Disney World Crowd Calendar-pulling strategy as it was the first time and during the following year, the entire park is closed. And to note, at the first launch, this park gave a completely new experience to the guests there. So the organizers at Disney Land expect a good pull from this park in the upcoming years.
  • Rise of Resistance – this was launched as an add-up to the Star Wars edition on the 17th of January,2020. and it is been titled as the best ride in the park in a very short span.
  • Magic Happens – this parade was launched on the 28th of February 2020. There is quite a good expectation for this show.
  • Avenger campus – the Marvel-inspired new land was planned to be launched during June 2020. But the pandemic stopped its opening. But let’s keep our expectations high, as truly this Avenger camp is gonna fulfill all of them.

Peek hours @ DISNEY LAND

Usually, the weeks before and after Easter are busy that falls in the mid of March-April. The Disney Land experiences peek crowd during the festival season of Christmas that follows till the New year. And when both fall during the weekend, it’s hard to control the crowd. The months of summer vacation during July and August the crowd is high. Especially when July 4th falls close to the weekend, then the place is super busy. And one other important aspect to check on is the Anaheim Convention Centre, the meeting schedules and timing also reflect on the crowd at Disney Land.

Busy time @ DISNEY LAND

When it comes to the busy but not too crowded times at Disney Land, it would be during the end of August till Labour day as of then the next vacation starts. Then it would the starting weeks of December. And during October and November as the parks been decorated for Halloween.

Less crowd @DISNEY LAND

Okay then, don’t you have this question in you – when will this place be less crowded? The answer is out. Basically after the end of the Labour season, except the weekends this place is quiet, yah it’s less crowded. And during the final week of January and that follows till February. And before Easter, the month of April, its last weeks are not busy or crowded much.

Off-season @ DISNEY LAND

The month of January till March is considered as the Off-season at Disney land and regarding which most of the shows are canceled or instead we could say they are not displayed like the firework shows.

Final verdict OF Disney World Crowd Calendar

Is it done? We aren’t sure. As here we have listed the events and the crowd assumptions this cannot be practiced all the time. But hope this guide would help you in planning your stay and other bookings at Disney Land.

Not just with 2019, none of us can pretend the crowd at Disney land as it varies from the interest as an individual who is visiting the place. And with the previous year’s statics, it’s truly madness to analyze or predict the crowd at a place like Disney land. We would suggest you check with the Disney Land Calendar to know about the timings and further nuances about the helpful place. Let’s hope for the pandemic to vanish soon and pack your backpacks, Disney land is waiting for you.

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