How is My Disney Experience useful? How is it more convenient? This question is very common when you book a vacation at Walt Disney Land, as it often pops up while you book your tickets. What is this My Disney Experience all about? Ufficio, too many questions too many complications.

Nope, its something too simple. In this techie world, the Disney team has built a super easy tool to access its land in just sync and click. To put it simply, the Mydisney experience is a virtual guide to the visitor at Disney Land who come to spend their vacation. Let’s get into detail down. Scroll up, folks

My Disney Experience App

Changing the old system of paper ticketing, Walt Disney Land world has brought in a very easy simple, and quick ticketing format online, and supporting it, the technical team has built an application that is accessible in Playstore and Appstore. This application is named My Disney Experience. And as the name suggest this app supports you throughout your vacation at Disney land, and it takes up the entire responsibility of giving a relaxed and tension-free experience at the Magic land. But for that, you need to feed in the required details on time and perfectly.

This My Disney Experience app has a lot of benefits and it acts as a user-friendly guide on your vacation. My Disney Experience app helps you in locating the park’s hotel resorts. Plan your visit at your convenience. Through the application, you can book resorts for dining and staying. Check the time of rides and character meets parades and also their wait time. The magic band is more like an easy add-on during your vacation in Disney land. When you linked your band with the Mydisney experience account it will guide you throughout the vacation.

The My Disney Experience app and the magic band are complementary to each other. Say before you land at Disney land, the App guides you through and once you land, the Magic band is what you got to carry and nothing else. As it will guide you and take you as per your plan.

When it comes to the group party, all the members who have accompanied you have to do only one thing, log in to the My Disney Experience app and fill in the detail and sync their Magic band with the account. With that, you can share the details of your plan and itinerary. Do Check More About Disney Hub Login

Let’s get deep into how the My Disney Experience application works for you.

Benefits of signing in

  • Once after the process of signing in, you will be able to put as many things as you want into your cart and design your own dream vacation at Disney World, thus enhancing feasibility.
  • Through the My Disney Experience app, you can pre-book your hotel, resort, FastPass+, and whatnot, everything before you arrive. This eventually saves time.
  • This application helps in managing your itinerary, plans them according to your needs, and enables you to share it with your friends and family.
  • This application provides a seamless organization by connecting your theme park tickets and annual passes to your card or magic band.
  • When you choose to stay at Disney Resort hotel, through your pre-booking, you can directly check in to your hotel rooms as and when you arrive.
  • Through the My Disney Experience app, you can relive your fun moment through pictures of the Disney PhotoPass Photos.

Steps to get started, Are you tangled upon many questions on how to use, login, needs, and so on, on the My Disney Experience application?

And yes, Here we have brought you the simplest way how to access and get started with your My Disney Experience application and its needs and uses. Let’s get started.

Create an Account in Mydisney Experience app

Once your reservations for hotels and tickets are done you can get started with the application by linking in your details. For that narrow down to the steps below

  • Download the Mydisney Experience app from Google Playstore or App store on your android or iPhone or else on your laptop, whichever is convenient.
  • Install the application.
  • Feed in the details to complete your profile including personalized information.

My Disney Experience App

  • Create a list of your friends and family accompanying you to share the plans and itinerary.
  • Link the hotel reservation details and FastPass+ in your account to check for updates easily.
  • The linking of your reservation details helps you in planning and organize your vacation more easily and effortlessly. The app also provides maps.


Through the app login, it’s easy to share plans with your friends and family. And the members can choose the color of their Magic band and personalize it with their names. The application provides with Walt Disney World map. These maps help you in finding your way, pinning the dining area, the locations of character meet and greets, hotels, restrooms, spas, stores, and whatnot. You also get information on special shows, events, and other entertainment. This app also provides a PhotoPass location and guest service information. Mydisney Experience app is moreover like a tour guide.


Through the FastPass+ selections in the app, the users can make pre-booking of resorts, hotels, tickets, etc., in prior that reduces last-minute pressures, probably 60 days before, which would give you wide options to choose places and check for alternatives. Regarding the tickets, you can book them 30 days prior, where you could organize your timing and schedule. With this FastPass+ one can bypass the regular lines and get directly into the events and rides. That sounds easy breezy right? And the special purpose of this Disney FastPass+ is that you can reserve 3 attractions of your wish in each park. From fireworks to character greetings to popular rides to shows and parades – the FastPass+ in Mydisney Experience helps to turn to be a real-time magical and dream vacation without any disturbance or pressure.

To use FastPass+,

  1. In the smart menu, choose “FastPass+”
  2. Select the date you wish to FastPass.
  3. Select the Disney park you will be at that day.
  4. Click on ‘select an experience’ from the options listed.
  5. Choose the time accordingly.
  6. Once done, the review appears, check for it and click on confirm button

To add on, it’s important to register for FastPass+ as earlier you could. And plan with your day and the rides, shows, parades, etc., that you don’t want to miss out on during the vacation, and choose your FastPass+ accordingly.

DINING RESERVATION using Mydisney Experience

There is a menu separately for booking your dining reservation at Disney world in the app.  There you can simply choose the size of the party, the location you wish you host, the date, your desired restaurants, and the cuisine. Then there hit on the restaurant you wish to dine at from the list. And regarding the menu, the portal opens when you arrive at Disney land.

WAIT TIME ALERTS at Mydisney experience app

The Mydisney Experience app provides the right to wait for each ride and show and all. And you can plan accordingly. And you can also extend your number of FastPass+ rides once you finish your first three FastPass+. and through the app, it’s actually easy to do. This way, you could save a lot of time. And this would help you finish up and enjoy almost all the rides and return home with all fun and fulfillment.

MAGIC BAND with Mydisney Experience

Every guest at Walt Disney World will receive a Magic band at the time of their arrival. There are different colors with an embedded computer chip holding the entire details of your vacation. The magic band is linked to your MyDisney Experience App making a seamlessly effortless experience. And something exciting about this Wrist band is that it is the key to all the Walt Disney World magic. This can also be used as a key for their resort rooms, tickets for the rides, show, parades, and all other events, and also to your dining reservations and FastPass+. It is also used during the Disney PhotoPass and at your resort charge card during your trip.

Remember it’s important to link your magic band with your Mydisney Experience app. If you have booked your trip via the application then the details will be directly linked to the band. In case your booking was done the booking through a third party, then it’s your responsibility to link with your band.

To link your band, in the top right corner you will find “Magic bands and cards”  click on it and verify your mailing address and customize your you Magic Band with the color you want, name on it, etc. Once done, click on “ship now”. Wait for 2-3 weeks for delivery. Soon after it has arrived, link with your account and get ready for the bang to blast.


The Resort Dashboard feature in My Disney Experience App helps in organizing your hotel rooms and the restaurants you wish to dine at. Through the app, easy to select the floor, room no, the place of stay and the food you wish to eat, and so on. The “resort dashboard” feature also guides us with the routes, directions, and transportation facilities with it map.


To make your shopping time easier and more convenient, the magic band is here to surprise you. As the vendors in the park don’t ask for liquid cash as they are supported by the magic band system, you just have to show your band and enter your PIN and it’s done. So simple. All your purchases will directly be charged to your Mydisney application, and from there you can pay it.

And in case of losing your Magic band, you got nothing to fret or panic about. Just simply take your phone or the device you have logged in to your Mydisney Experience application and disconnect your magic band. That is more simple. That will no further access your credit card details or PIN or even your personal information.

 Log in using your phone and computer

  • To log in using a computer, check out using to download the My Disney Experience app.
  • While using your smartphone or tablet, check out this link given below,

Using these links you could check out on your comfortable device, and download the app and install it. Whether I will be your Smartphone Tablet or computer, it’s important to first link all the details of your bookings, the date, and your pre-booking details as well. Before all that, you also should feed in your personal details. And no worries about privacy, the Mydisney Experience app gives you total protection to all your personalized information.


  1. How to link my Disney Resort and Hotel bookings in the Mydisney experience app?

Using the confirmation number and surname, you can simply link your Disney Resort and hotel registration. If you have made your bookings with the help of any travel partners like Virgin Holidays, or directly from the Walt Disney Travel Company, you will have to visit, there log in to your account. Select My Reservations at the top-right menu. And link there using the number, and name.

  1. How to link the e-ticket to the Mydisney application?

Use the “Will Call” reference number located below the bar code on the ticket voucher to link to Mydisney Experience app.

  1. Why couldn’t I link my reservation when I stay at Old Key West or Saratoga Springs?

Where ever you are or maybe, when your reservation date is 10 months away, that reservation will probably not be reflected on the Mydisney experience portal. So in that case just confirm your registration and check it. For the item to reflect in your Mydisney experience, check for it before 10 months of registration.

  1. What’s a Magic Band? How do I get it?

A secured all in all device that helps you get through your plans and choice in just one touch at the sensor, the touchpoint. This magic band is waterproof and you can make color choices. You will get this Magic band at the reception at the time of arrival.

  1. Why are UK phone numbers not accepted in the portal?

You get access to the portal once you remove the country code and other leading zeros in the number. Ow On these days, UK phone numbers are not been recognized by the system. When you remove the codes and just type the number as such, you could help yourself in making the reservation successfully.

  1. Why my recent booking for Walt Disney World Holiday isn’t reflecting on Mydisney app?

It would probably take 48 hours of time for your registration to reflect on Mydisney app. Similarly, there are similar criteria to access and reflect in the fields. Say like, to access your restaurant booking, the fields open only 180 days before the arrival. For the FastPass+ reservations including the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Hotels, reservations are open 60 days prior. And for the local hotel, the FastPass+ reservation is open just 30 days before your arrival.

  1. Why is still need additional information, despite my already having an account in

As the process of signing in has few alterations and it’s quite normal about giving additional information in will help you in accessing both portals.

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Final verdict

So are you done? Is it all clear to you about Mydisney Experience application designed for both smartphones and PCs?  Hope we made it clear to you what Mydisney Experience is all about and how tension free the app is so that you could have the very calm and really relaxed vacation you want, once you feed in all the required details of the vacation. Being pre-planned gives no excitement but being organized helps you in having a very lavished and pressureless vacation.

This article was solely on how to use the app and its features. Its benefits and accessibility. We also discussed the Magic band, the true magic wand, that opens the door to all the fun field entertainment at Walt Disneyland world. All you have to do is, get access to Mydisney Experience once you book your tickets at Walt Disney land for vacations. And our final note, hope this content benefited you and helped you with your questions on My Disney Experience.