What’s New At Walt Disney’s Epcot?

The beauty of vacation is in planning. After all the chaos, darling, it’s your time to have the real fun. And the most exciting place with the amusing adventures you have on Earth is Walt Disney Land, and you cannot deny the excitement it carries. Besides Disney’s Virtual tret, its real amusements are awe-struck. And if you’re planning to go to Disneyland, we got you covered, and you will be looking at the enticing attributes that are brought to you in the Epcot of Disney. What’s New in Disney’s Epcot? 

Come on, let’s take a reading ride to the new amenities and add Epcot at Disneyland. 

By the way, What is an Epcot?

You may wonder, and it’s just that – the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. This is a real park in the Walt DisneyWorld, displaying a lot of enthralling adventures and amusements. A theme park celebrates humans, cultures, communities, achievements, new ideas, and technologies. 

This 2022 is more special for Walt Disney. Marking its 50th Anniversary, there is a lot coming for the tourists and visitors. And few are already open for people. Let’s us hear what’s open in the Epcot lane exclusively for the 5oth Anniversary Celebration that is here for the coming 18 long months! 

The most enticing thing to plan for the WDW visit is that most of the big projects are done, and there is not much construction work going on in the major theme parks that are open for visitors. 

  • The massive Disney’s Hollywood Studios overhaul 
  • Disney Springs redevelopment
  • Animal Kingdom expansion
  • Toy Story Land
  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
  • Space Earth Haul and Enhancement
  • TRON Lightcycle – The Run Roller Coaster
  • Harmonious View location
  • Play Pavillion Replaced with Wonders of Life 
  • Magic Kingdom – Cinderella Castle Royal Makeover
  • Hall of President 
  • Reimaging Jungle Cruise
  • The Princess and The Frog – Splash mountains
  • Gideon’s Bake House

The EPCOT has been refurbished to glow with shine. The Reimagined park entrance project is dusted. Landscapes, taparis, flags, the prismatic, pylon fountain in front of the spaceship, and to add on to the beauty of the night, there has been a lot of lighting reworks done. 

In the Future World, Between Spaceship and World showcase, there is a lot of space that is used as temporary walk space in the New EPCOT. WDW has planned to showcase a number of new night shows in the Epcot, and there are a lot more attractions, rides, and shows to come forth. 

The Massive EPCOT is planned to be unified with Four massive neighborhoods. 

  • World Showcase

The main entrance of the EPCOT has a surprise waiting for you. There have been major renovations adding new pathways, green spaces, and a new fountain. And a lot more on the way. And the spaceship view turning a beacon of magic at night will surely be an amusing experience for you with a lot of new color gradients, new lighting patterns, fixtures twilights evoking the sky twinkle in the starlight. 

  • World Celebration

The most awaited Mona is here as one among the new EPCOT of Walt Disney World. The works are in progress and sure to sprint your eyes. The Journey of Water is an interactive area with interactive guests and magical happenings. The live water is in a beautiful, inspiring setting, A Perfect Meet and Greet place with Mona! 

  • World Nature

The new night show -Harmonious, celebrating the music of Disney, has captivated people’s interest all around the globe. You will find various artists in the world performing rejuvenated and reinterpreted versions of Disney tunes that dingle in mind. 

The Harmonious – is a massive floating set-piece featuring Custom built LED panels, moving fountains in perfect choreography aligned with lights, pyrotechnics, lasers, and much more. 

The France Pavilion is an entirely New EPCOT expansion in Walt Disney World with new sections and features. There are new rides and amazing dines spaces, which are completely delightful.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is going to be a real-time experience for you guys. The guests here shrink to the size of Chef Remy and race in Gusteau’s restaurant. A promisingly wild experience is awaiting you as a new amendment to Disney World. And the Creperie is a very own traditional French Crepes availed with both counter service and table service options. 

  • World Discovery 

The Worldly discoveries in WDW give a new experience to science, technology, and space travel. The most anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is all set to take us for a Celestial ride and is lined up in the new EPCOT for us to celebrate. 

Want to experience a roller coaster storytelling experience in the WDW. This will give you such excitement. And this is Disney’s First Reverse coaster. 

Adjacent to this, we have the newest Space pavilion named New Restaurant Space 220. This one-of-a-kind restaurant treats its guests with a unique dining experience. The guests dine in the space station with both day and night time effects, a glimpse of Earth from 220 miles up.

The journey to the restaurant begins as you board a special space elevator that ascends the stars giving an aerial view of the EPCOT, taking you high above the planet. And at the actual restaurant, your menu features a modern American Cuisine with more than 1000 World’s Finest Wine bottles and a wide collection of craft beer. 

And not just these, throughout the EPCOT, you will be coming across a lot of new statues for your favorite Disney characters that are part of The Disney Fab 50 Character Collection. 

Each of them, I’m sure they are going to give you amazing new experiences focussing on various different aspects of the world inhabitants. 

Creations Shop – The New EPCOT Logo Merchandise 

Want to grab EPCOT merchandise? Here is the Creation shop featuring the NEW EPCOT Logo exclusively. The new store in the EPCOT is the Creation shop is now open for all the Disney fans out there. All that you would like to have, hats, short and long sleeves, baseball caps, mickey mouse ear hats, journals, bottles, hoodies, customized kinds of stuff, and a lot more. 

There are so many new add-ons brought to you in the store, you can grab all of them out, and sure it’s going to be an amazing experience. 

Go Visit The fantasy WDW, and the NEW EPCOT is set to Amuse you!

There Walt Disney World is lined with many adventures and spots for you who are planning to visit. And the EPCOT is beautifully lined up with amazing adventures, rides, shows, lights, themes, and a lot more. Go out and experience the living beauty world of Fantasy.

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